Lewis’s fuGLy friENds

LEwiS’s fuGLy fRieNDs– fRieNds forever – individually hand made
Bringing joy to everyone who SEE with their hearts
                 Cat fuGLy's 


We celebrate the life of Lewis – he who had a tough, sad life until his MAMA Ali adopted him, showed him the meaning of love, trust and the wonderful world that life is meant to be. Till the moment Lewis travelled over the rainbow, his quirky, unpredictable, silly and spontaneous personality shined like the brightest star.

Our dedication to creating with all our love, individual fUgLies to be companions and cuddle buddies to pets. 

Oozing with personality and uniqueness, filled with love!

You will love LEwiS’s fuGLy fRieNDs so much you would want one for yourself

LEwiS’s fuGLy fRieNDs are for every members of the family not just for the four legged.


fugly friends