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Indestructible dog toys – sorry – there is NO such thing!

Meet Lewis’s fuGLy friENds

fRieNds forever

– ugly? or fuGlie, whatever you may call us. Most opt for adorable, durable pet toys that are individually hand made.

Bringing joy to everyone who SEE with their hearts (this is not difficult)

Unique and playful, Lewis’s fuGLy friENds is a range of strong, durable dog toys and pet toys that are lovingly individually handmade in Cape Town to be perfect forever playtime friends. Bringing joy to so many hearts, they are lovely companions for the whole family.

Long-lasting and ideal for carrying around, our pet toys also offer comfort for fur friends - whether at home or when needing to visit the vet for check-ups.

However, our eye-catching, fun-loving designs are so much more than just pet toys. They are a symbol of our commitment not just to nature, but to our namesake Lewis himself.

Inspired by Lewis

 Our durable fuglies or fuGLy friENds are a tribute to sweet Lewis. Although this sweet fur pal had a tough sad life, things started looking up when his mommy Ali adopted him. Giving him loads of love, teaching him to trust and how wonderful the world could be, this sweet pup enjoyed a sweet full life with his human family. 

Even though Lewis has crossed the rainbow bridge, his quirky, unpredictable, silly and spontaneous personality still shines through in every durable tug and strong dog toy and cat toy that we create. 

Dedicated to inspiring play and cuddle time 

With Lewis’s fuGLy friENds, we aim to not only create playtime fun, but also instil that spirit of pets cuddling and enjoying soft, comfy toy friends. 

From shelter and rescues dogs to pets at home, our wish is to teach them to play and not destroy - something that is completely possible, just asked our founder, Sophia, who taught her pet pal how to love his fuGLy fRieNDs.

Passionate about spreading love

Spreading the love with unique, handmade cuddle pals is our goal with our individual fUgLies - not just in South Africa, but across the world. 

Each sweet face shines with personality and uniqueness, and we are confident you will love LEwiS’s fuGLy fRieNDs so much you would want one for yourself! SO go check out our range of hugME’s – specially made for humans      


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If Size is a big deal to you - then it is to us

Does size matter?

Mmmm, if it does to you - then see our sizing chart 

xSmall: 10cm - 15cm (is for our little frens)

Small:  15cm - 18cm (lekker to play with for almost everyone)

Medium: 19cm - 25cm (now this is fun!)

Large: 26cm - 30cm (yaSss now we talking)

xLarge: 30cm - 35cm (we cuddle so nicely & perfect playmates for our Big frens)

xXLove: 35cm - 45cm  (cuddle us, drag us around & be nice cause we ARE!) 

All fuGLie friends are individually made - therefore there is a tolerance in sizes

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