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3 Dogs, your premier destination for robust and enduring pet toys online.

Get your paws on the most durable pet toy called fuGLy friends, fUgs or fuGLies. An adorable Herd of Pet Playthings: Long-lasting, and Heartwarming and perfect for Your Furry Friends

sustainability meets durability, consciously hand crafted specially for you

Character Cushions

Capture your photos on a character cushion  

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This IS us

In the intricate tapestry of existence, 3 Dogs recognizes the interconnectedness of all relationships—be they physical or spiritual—between you, the earth, and the impact you leave behind.

Our narrative goes beyond merely offering sustainable pet toys; it encompasses a broader mission. Nestled in Cape Town, each pet toy in our collection is meticulously crafted with passion by a team of dedicated animal enthusiasts. We understand the significance of providing our furry companions with durable dog and cat toys, and we've curated a delightful selection to ensure their enjoyment.

Purposeful Design

At 3 Dogs, we are fervent advocates for employing only reclaimed materials in our pet toys, maintaining mindfulness about our impact on Mother Earth and eschewing contributions to environmental waste. Striking a harmonious balance between footprint and function, we aim to reciprocate the nurturing provided by Mother Earth.

A Dedicated 3-Step Cycle

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in a dedicated 3-step cycle. We repurpose landfill-bound materials created by excess consumerism, exercise eco-consciousness in our production, and deliver super strong dog toys, unique and affordable pet toys that are lovingly crafted, durable, and interactive. By completing the circle and giving back, we support animal rescue efforts for the voiceless and vulnerable.

Values and Purpose

Every project and product at 3 Dogs is designed to uphold our core values:

  • Repurposing landfill-destined material
  • Being kind to Mother Earth in our production
  • Providing unique, affordable pet toys made with love, not mass-produced, and ensuring durability and interactivity
  • Completing the circle by giving back, supporting animal rescue efforts

Why Choose Our FuGLy Friends Pet Toys for Your Pets

Our durable dog and cat toys extend beyond offering affordable playtime options. When you choose our custommade items, you contribute to spreading joy to another soul. Whether your companion is a guardian dog or a spoiled feline, there's a strong, durable pet toy within our collection that is sure to bring them delight. Join us in making thoughtful choices today for a positive impact on tomorrow.