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About Us


“Properly trained, a man can be a dog’s best friend.”

-Corey Ford


3 Dogs - with Lewis’s fuGLy friENds durable dog toys, pet toys and character cushions - started with a spark of creativity and a whole lot of love for our furry four-pawed friends.


“It all started with lockdown at end of March 2020 when Staffordshire Terrier Rescue South Africa desperately needed funds,” tells our founder, Sophia.


“Masks and sanitiser were a priority but nowhere to be found in stores. Within days, production started, every resource used, some scheming, faith and determination – mix in some warp speed, creating day and night – my faithful sewing machine and I, Internet and the support of hubby and fur kids. The result: we made more than 500 masks, trying to incorporate as many micro businesses that were in lockdown with little hope of survival.


Later, winter set in and doggies in kennels needed winter coats. Once again it was time to get creative to keep the doggos from Cape Town to Nelspruit snuggly warm, all while helping to keep micro businesses going and keep animal rescue doors open.


“By providing care packs, using reclaimed raw material and sourced items to create beds, toys, winter jackets, blankets and so much more, I have come to realize that all the dog parents out there are willing to help and support – in their own way. Building trust and sincerity is key to me.”


Tragedy struck when Sophia’s dear friend, animal lover and rescue mama’s sweet dog, LEWIS, passed over the rainbow bridge. Sophia instantly felt that she needed to give her something to make the pain less painful. She had always tried to teach Lewis how to play with and not destroy toys every time she visited, thus Lewis’s fUGly friends was born.


Inspired by sustainable production


Made from gifted stuffing, sampling or off-cuts destined for landfill and other materials, our fUGly friends have grown in popularity with their softness and oddness.


Added to this, we have gifted hundreds of fuGLy fRieNDs and other handmade items to doggos awaiting their forever homes (either in the form of fundraisers or as gifts) at rescue organisations, independent foster homes and rescue angels.


Driven by Sophia’s creativity, her goal and passion for change through sewing seeds of love with conscious products and projects, and her humble approach, 3 Dogs has been able to flourish and grow - all inspired by Lewis and his sweet nature.


Passionately dedicated to animal organisation fundraising, Sophia ensures that she - and 3 Dogs - can contribute in a meaningful way to ensure they can make a difference in the world.


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