As a creative with a gifting heart and a troubled soul, the pandemic was like solar power during a blackout. I constantly create and have a multitude of ideas. I am also forever “gifting” wherever and whenever or however I can. My soul is troubled by the deterioration of our planet as a whole. The growing selfishness of man and its ego; the source of all hardship.

During this time, three things emerged 

  • Creativity
  • Gifting
  • Change

By using my creativity, I could make gifts that keep giving with a purpose; “making a difference” to the lives of those who needed it, as well as to the planet

With a little conscious thought process and loads of imagination, I was able to take items destined for landfills and turn them into awesomeness that would make a difference. YES!!!! Voila – lightbulb moment!

It all started with lockdown End of March 2020 when Staffordshire Terrier Rescue South Africa desperately needed funds. Masks and sanitizer were priority but nowhere to be found in stores. Within days, production started, every resource used, some scheming, faith and determination – mix in some warp speed, creating day and night – my faithful sewing machine and I, internet and the support of hubby and furkids. The result: we action more than 500 masks, trying to incorporate as many micro businesses that were in lockdown with little hope of survival.

Later, winter set in and doggies in kennels needed winter coats. Once again it was time to get creative to keep the doggos from Cape Town to Nelspruit snuggly warm, all while helping to keep micro businesses going and keep animal rescue doors open.

Tragedy struck when my dear friend, animal lover and rescue mama’s dearest, LEWIS, passed over the rainbow bridge. I’ve been in her shoes before and could empathise. I instantly felt that I needed to give her something to make the pain less painful.  I had always tried to teach Lewis how to play with and not destroy toys every time I visited, thus Lewis’s fUGly friENDs was born.

Still in semi-lockdown, I used what I had on hand to create something “unique” to represent and capture the essence of Lewis, and hopefully help in the healing process of a broken-hearted mama.

I pledged with this particular “fuGLy” to somehow help, in some way. Sadly, even if everything used to create fuGLy friENds is a “rescued/unused” resource, there were still expenses to be paid.

A new business venture at the end of 2020 came forth, once again, due to the pandemic challenges. Streaming my creative juices into another idea overload, personalised character cushions emerged, and later the eco paper range joined our product offering.

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