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 Everything is connected in 3. All relationships whether physical or spiritual: You, the earth and your impact.

This is where our story begins: not just with sustainable pet toys, but an even bigger mission. 

Each lovingly designed pet toy in our collection is consciously crafted in Cape Town with passion by a dedicated team of animal enthusiasts. We understand how important it is for our fur babies that have strong, durable dog and cat toys, and have put together a wonderful selection that they are sure to enjoy!


Designed for purpose

We are passionate about using only natural materials for our pet toys, being mindful of the impact we have on Mother Earth and not contributing waste to the environment. Striking that perfect harmony between footprint and function, we ensure  that we balance

Mother Earth provides & nurture’s us.

We are obliged to give back, by creating harmony between footprint & function.

Every choice we make today will leave an impression on tomorrow.


A dedicated 3-step cycle 

Repurposing of landfill-destined material

Being kind to Mother Earth in our production.

Providing unique, affordable pet toys

Made with love, not mass produced, durable and interactive.

Completing the circle by giving back

Supporting the voiceless and vulnerable (animal rescue).


Our values and purpose

Every project and every product are designed to underpin our core values:

  • Making a difference
  • Honesty
  • No/low impact on Mother Nature
  • Creative gifts that keep giving back – to others, the earth, and self, which completes the circle of life


Why choose our fuGLy friends pet toys for your pets

 Our durable dog and cat toys offer so much more than just affordable playtime options. Every rescued and repurposed item you buy will help another soul experience joy. From our guardian and protector dogs to our feisty felines who love being spoiled, there is a strong, durable pet toy that they are sure to enjoy.

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